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The Democratic Party will maintain control of the Senate

Blue candidates' victories in Nevada and Arizona bring Democrats to 50 seats, which assures them a majority with the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris.

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Democrats will continue to have a majority in the Senate after the midterms. Tight victories by Democratic candidates Catherine Cortez Masto in Nevada, and Mark Kelly in Arizona bring the party to senatorial 50 seats. This, coupled with the tie-breaking vote of Vice President Kamala Harris, allows them to keep control through at least 2024.

Mapa senado completo midterms 2022

Mapa senado completo midterms 2022

Cortez Masto trailed for much of the vote-counting process, so Republicans were confident that they could win the 51 seats needed for a Senate majority by winning the Georgia runoff. However, the last leg of the count turned the tables and, with more than 98% of the votes counted, Republican Adam Laxalt's defeat in Nevada is confirmed.

Georgia is no longer decisive

In Arizona, Democratic challenger Mark Kelly claimed victory with 88% of the count verified. His rival, the conservative Blake Masters, demanded that the winner be proclaimed when the last vote has been counted, although the distance between the two at this stage of the election is more than five points (51.81%-46.09%).

With these results, all that remains to be known is who will be senator in Georgia. Democratic Senator Raphael Warnock won by the slimmest of margins over Republican challenger Herschel Walker, although, as he did not win a full 50% of the vote, a runoff election will be held on Dec. 6. This runoff would have been decisive, but blue victories in Nevada and Arizona mean that it Democrats will maintain control regardless.

"Historic results"

In a statement, Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee Chairman Senator Gary Peters celebrated that he and his colleagues have "protected the Senate majority." He further noted that "these historic results in race after race speak for themselves, reflecting the strength of our candidates, the popularity of our message to the American people and a rejection of extremism espoused by the GOP." Following the celebration, Peters announced that "now our work continues in Georgia to ensure the defeat of Herschel Walker and the re-election of Reverend Warnock."