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If Israel had listened to public opinion and international organizations, it would no longer exist

Fortunately, the Government of Israel has had little use for what it says or fails to say about what some call the international-community.

People take part in a pro-Israel rally in Parliament Square in London. Picture date: Sunday November 5, 2023.

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Antonio Guterres came out this Saturday, outraged, because Israel had bombed an "ambulance outside the Al Shifa hospital" in Gaza. What the UN Secretary General does not mention, of course, is that the Hamas terrorists were using the ambulance to transport themselves through Gaza.

And that's how it has always been. Since it was established in 1948, the State of Israel has had to face not only the armies of its neighboring countries but also the propaganda and public opinion of the Western world that is too cowardly and refuse to take positions on the obvious. The cowardice that works like a noose around the neck, by the way, because the right ones cover up for an adversary who, if they could, would blow them up too.

A few days ago, based on a proposal from Jordan, the majority of United Nations countries voted in favor of a resolution condemning Israel's right to defense. Half the world voted there, with just a handful of brave nations that decided to defend reason.

The press is not far behind. The entire media establishment joins, alienated, in the manipulated propaganda that Israel is carrying out genocide in Gaza. The BBC, the New York Times , El País de España, The Guardian or Der Spiegel. Everyone repeats the chorus.

They talk about the bombed civilian building, without mentioning that Hamas launched missiles from there without discretion. They talk about the destroyed hospital, without mentioning that the missile came from Gaza itself. They don't say that Israel has been asking the population to evacuate for weeks, nor that Hamas kills anyone who tries. They don't say that Hamas decided to establish its operations center under a hospital. They don't mention that the Israeli operation in Gaza is barely advancing because the offensive is surgical, to avoid collateral damage as much as possible, although they have the strength to devastate the area in a couple of hours. They do not mention that before, when the war had not started, the Palestinians of Gaza were in Israeli hospitals because theirs do not have supplies because the local government, that is, the Hamas terrorists, use every dollar they have to build missiles and bombs. and weapons for killing. They do not say that a Jew could never enter Gaza or Ramallah, but that Palestinians work and live in Israel every day because there are opportunities and freedom there. They don't say, that since 2005, Israel has nothing to do with Gaza and how there is a genocide and the population of the territory has multiplied - and that when then Prime Minister Ariel Sharon handed Gaza over to the Palestinians, he did so, perhaps, hoping that They turned it into a Mediterranean paradise, because they could, because the potential was there, and they did the opposite.

Instead, they tell what comes out of the propaganda apparatus of the terrorists and all their allies, such as Iran and the other Arab governments. They tell the version of those that the only thing that involves them in the conflict is their deep contempt for Israel because, deep down, they despise freedom, ingenuity, prosperity and democracy.

But, fortunately, the Israeli Government has always had little use for what it says or does not say what some pompously call the-international-community. Because if Israel had ever listened to public opinion or international organizations (proven useless), Israel would no longer exist. There would be rubble where today universities, hospitals, nightclubs, synagogues, mosques, Catholic churches, kosher restaurants or non-kosher restaurants stand.

Because when they ask Israel not to respond to the beheading of babies, the rape of women and the murder of entire families after the Hamas invasion on October 7, they really ask it to lower its arms, lay down its weapons and let itself be executed, on a wall, docile and without reproach.

Guterres also came out to say that the Netanyahu government's response to the largest massacre of Jews since the Holocaust was disproportionate. Not only has he said it, it is now the idea around which there is convention. The reaction is excessive!, they say, because it is excessive to want to go out and avenge your massacred children and grandparents.

If my ruler were Netanyahu, the least I would demand of him is that he be ruthless. And that is precisely why today in Israel there are no factions or parties, neither left nor right. The political crisis that existed months ago, when hundreds of thousands took to the streets to protest against Netanyahu, is over, because today the entire Israeli society, that which hates the Government, that which loves it, that which wants peace and that which is more radical, agrees that the sons of bitches who shed blood in the name of Allah must pay for what they did.

And the reaction must be so strong, so resounding, that any son of Allah who in the future wants to invade Israel to cremate babies or rape women must think twice. Because those savages will continue, and they will not stop, because their hatred is infinite, but at least, let's hope, they will think about it.

There is no solution in sight to the Middle East crisis, unfortunately. If Israel does not defend itself, does not show its military power, they will crush it. That's what your neighbors dream of. When the Palestinians, no longer in Gaza but in New York, London or Madrid, chant in unison From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free , which thousands do, supposedly peacefully, what do they mean? Well, Israel does not exist. That Jews do not exist. May what happened to hundreds of families during that fateful October 7th happen to everyone.

And then it is worth quoting what Golda Meir told Oriana Fallaci in an interview: "I believe that the war in the Middle East will continue for many, many years. And I will tell you why: because of the indifference with which the Arab leaders send their own people, because of how little human life counts for them.

"Every death, for us, is a tragedy. We do not like to wage war, not even when we win it. Precisely the opposite for the Arabs," Meir told Fallaci.

And that's what it's about. That life is worthless in Gaza and that death is a propaganda resource. That since it is not worth it, they can last decades or centuries sending martyrs to rest with their virgins after blowing up a couple of infidels and how death is a propaganda resource for civilians who are afraid of explosions and do not suffer from an ideology that convince them to kill in the name of Allah, they use them as human shields or props on some set where they must record the scene that they will later replicate The Guardian or the New York Times.

But let them say whatever they want. This war is not won in some living room in New York or in the newsroom of some proper newspaper in London. This war, for the survival of a society, is won in the streets, with precision and courage, as it is being fought today.