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Censorship, Mass Surveillance and Bugs: World Economic Forum vs. The Free World

The World Economic Forum's nation-crushing empire looks like a chop shop that has stolen parts from the world's worst dictatorships in order to create Frankenstein's "woke" monster.

World Economic Forum

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The World Economic Forum's nation-crushing empire looks like a chop shop that has stolen parts from the world's worst dictatorships in order to create Frankenstein's "woke" monster. It has swiped the Aztecs' penchant for human sacrifice to ward off bad weather, the Chinese communists' love of total control and the eradication of traditional culture, the Italian fascists' society-squeezing partnership with corporate monopolists, and the German Nazis' belief in a "master race" –chiefly the celebrities, bankers, crony capitalists, and potentates who assemble in Davos and elsewhere to applaud their own achievements and further implement their "master plan," which the WEF affectionately calls "The Great Reset."

As Klaus Schwab himself recently declared to his potpourri of princely guests, the WEF intends to "master the future," and who better to "master" what has not yet been written than those who view the rest of the planet's inhabitants as little more than servants and serfs?

It would be nice to think that the twentieth-century's totalitarian monsters would have served as ample warnings to humanity never to tromp injudiciously down authoritarianism's bloody path again. Alas, it appears that the lessons briefly learned from a century of global wars, genocides, conquests, and revolutions have been blown away like the seeds of a dandelion, so that evil can take root and grow once more. The WEF, of course, does not see itself as anything like Stalin, Hitler, Tojo, Mussolini, Pol Pot, or Mao. It sees itself as John Kerry does: as a "select group of humans" who will save the planet for everyone else. Did last century's totalitarians see themselves any differently? As Albert Camus might have asked: when has "the welfare of humanity" not been "the alibi of tyrants"?

When the planet's most wealthy and powerful individuals assemble together under the protection of overwhelming military security assuring both their safety and the exclusion of everyone else, a warning from Adam Smith's Wealth of Nations comes to mind:

People of the same trade seldom meet together, even for merriment and diversion, but the conversation ends in a conspiracy against the public, or in some contrivance to raise prices.

With the madcap push to replace hydrocarbon energies with insufficient "green" alternatives jacking up the prices of commodities and goods around the world, while a rapidly rising cost of living suffocates all but the most well-off, Smith's words have never been more accurate. As John Kerry bluntly explains, the only way to fight even the most insignificant amount of climate change is through, "money, money, money, money, money, money, money." It is a strange thing to see a self-aggrandizing, plutocratic "elite" give the game away. If each of those "money" exhortations represents a hundred trillion dollars, he might even be close to spitting out some truth.

Before the brainwashed defenders of Club Klaus scream that the World Economic Forum's humanitarian motivations have nothing to do with making money, stop to consider the lunacy of such a statement. People with fortunes have an economic incentive to hide them behind the appearance of benevolence, so as to avoid scrutiny while making those fortunes even bigger. Behind every "build back better" inch of the WEF's "great reset" of the global economy is some corporate titan, banking behemoth, power-hungry politician, bureaucratic chieftain, or plain old aristocrat making money or gaining influence from the multitude of secret transactions buttressing the whole philanthropic charade.

"Love of humanity" is just for the bumper stickers the WEF can slap on their electric vehicles; "greed" still energizes the secret handshakes of the most powerful when they get together. They depend upon African slave labor for the mining of "green" raw materials and Chinese slave labor for the manufacturing of "green" technologies while simultaneously smearing as bigots anyone who objects to their open border policies flooding Western nations with endless cheap labor at home. Predictably, those most responsible for undermining labor groups at home while subsidizing slavery abroad are the same ones who lecture the world on racism, fair wages, and human rights.

As with all swindles in which the rich and powerful choose to steal even more from the poor and powerless, the WEF's "altruism" appears quite Mafia-esque. Their agents come knocking on the doors of businesses around the West with a simple proposition:

So, you might not have heard, but there are a lot of bad elements out here that wish to do you harm. The good news is we can offer you protection for as little as fifty percent of your profits.

The business-owners, having had no problems turning a profit in the past, at first refuse.

I don't think you understand, their new "friends" explain, without us, you could have civil rights groups boycotting your products as racist and transphobic, investment groups devaluing your stocks for not pledging ESG commitments, and banks refusing to offer future loans because of your support for "hate" and "misinformation." All our corporate news staff might have to run negative pieces about your business. It would be a shame to see such a nice little business suffer when we are here to help.

And how might such assistance be gained?

Why, just do as Klaus Schwab's WEF says, do business with our approved banks and vendors, express support for our approved causes, and we will take care of the rest. Hey, we will even get the politicians on our payroll to publicly thank you for saving the world!

Stick, meet carrot. They may fly on private jets and forget how many mansions they own, but at the end of the day, the World Economic Forum cabal is just the greatest collection of thugs organized crime has ever managed to put together in the same room, orchestrating the most effective schemes ever devised to force formerly free peoples to do exactly what they say. It is Cosa Nostra reimagined as "Klaus's thing." In a more just era, anybody attending the WEF's gatherings would be arrested for conspiracy to commit racketeering and fraud. Instead, because the "masters of our future" have invested heavily in the elections of the West's most prominent leaders, presidents, prime ministers, legislators, and even military staffs are only too happy to champion their cause.

United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres told his WEF audience that the world's economy is in tremendous peril, while failing to point out that it has been the WEF's own COVID-19 lockdown policies and attempts to use the pandemic as a "great reset" for transitioning the West from hydrocarbon to "green" energies that are responsible for much of the harm. Instead of using the global platform as a chance to issue a much-needed mea culpa to the whole world, the UN chief was more interested in making two other points: 1) there should be legal "accountability" for social media platforms that promote "false information," and 2) politicians should force unpopular policies upon their populations for their own good.

In essence, the head of the globalists' preferred international governing body demands that national leaders intentionally disregard the will of their people and implement a system for the criminalization of free speech, so that dissent magically disappears much like a protester in a "re-education" camp. These are the same WEF "elites" who then have the temerity to turn around and preach about "democracy" and "Western values."

Of course, Colombian President Gustavo Francisco Petro Urrego had no problem saying the quiet part out loud. Sitting right next to "green" champion Al Gore, Petro Urrego proclaimed that humanity must "overcome capitalism" if it is to survive. Given that Gore, a member of the WEF Board of Trustees, did not appear to disagree, it seems fair to say that Club Davos finds more to like in an "elite"-controlled version of communism (is there any other kind?) than a free market system in which ordinary people may thrive.

If all this sounds wildly antagonistic to hard-fought Western freedoms prioritizing the protection of individual rights and liberties over indiscriminate intrusions from the State, that is because the World Economic Forum has turned Westerners' priceless Enlightenment inheritance on its head. To coincide with its gathering, the WEF has published a report citing "misinformation and disinformation" among the most significant global "risks." WEF members publicly predict that "hate speech" laws will soon come to the United States –in direct violation of the U.S. Constitution's First Amendment protections for freedom of speech. Calls are growing for tracking and enforcing individual "carbon limits" in the endless battle against Earth's ever-changing climate. These same authoritarians push digital vaccine passports, contact tracing, mandatory use of experimental "vaccines," and ubiquitous testing. And following the WEF's determination that Westerners should transition to a diet of bugs, the European Union has now authorized the general consumption of house crickets. Censorship, mass surveillance and bugs — welcome to the future, should the WEF get its way.

None of the WEF's expansive programs for remaking the world according to its members' interests sounds like anything that free Westerners could ever voluntarily embrace. Surely that is why so many of the WEF's speakers urge the forceful adoption of these policies regardless of public support. Perhaps that is also why the Chinese Communist Party recently applauded this year's "Davos spirit." Communists know communism when they see it, and in Klaus Schwab's globalist oligarchy of "elites," China likes what it sees.

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