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Bad Bunny releases a new album: 'Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana'

After announcing that he would "possibly" not release any more music this year, the Puerto Rican singer surprised his fans. The album tells the artist's story in his own words.

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Bad Bunny surprised his fans and released his new album before the end of the year. His fifth studio album (sixth if you count Oasis with JBalvin), is titled Nadie Sabe Lo Que Va a Pasar Mañana (Nobody Knows What's Going to Happen Tomorrow), has 22 songs and lasts 81 minutes. The songs tell the artist's personal story, in his own words:

Now more than ever I feel safer talking about what I think, what I feel and how I live it through my music.

The album features collaborations with several urban artists such as Tainy, MAG and La Paciencia. There are also collaborations from Bryant Myers, Young Miko, Mora, Luar la L, YOVNGCHIMI, Eladio Carrión, Feid, Ñengo Flow, Arcángel and De la Ghetto.

The singer posted the album cover on his Instagram account and thanked his followers for their support. He gave some tips on how to "enjoy it":

Thank you for all the support you have given me throughout this time. Thank you for being there for me!!!! To the real ones!!!! I hope that today you can enjoy this album that I worked hard to make. I have made all my projects with love for you, but this specific album is 100% for you like no other (...) Open a bottle of wine, some beers (...) with your friends, your significant other, alone, with whoever you want and enjoy!! Nowadays many people listen to music only to criticize it and they forget to feel it, to enjoy it... my advice, DON'T LISTEN TO THIS ALBUM, ENJOY IT!

A surprise release

The release of the album was a surprise. Last month, the singer announced that the last song he would release this year would probably be 'Un Preview." At that time, he said that the single was a preview of the album he would release the following year (2024): "This is possibly the last song I release this year. It is a small preview of what's to come next year."

The Puerto Rican also revealed earlier this year that he wanted to take a break to focus on his "physical and emotional health." However, he didn't explain why his plans changed.

Some of the song names are: 'Mr. October,' 'Gracias Por Nada' (Thanks for Nothing), 'No Quiero Casarme' (I Don't Want to Get Married), and 'Thunder and Lightning.' The album also includes two songs that have already been released: 'Where She Goes' and 'Un Preview.'