Egyptian official denies warning Israel about the Hamas attack

Previous reports indicated that the Israeli government was alerted to "a terrible operation" being planned from Gaza.

A senior Egyptian official reported Wednesday that Egypt did not warn Israel of an imminent significant attack from Gaza in the days before the outbreak of the recent war with Hamas, according to The Jerusalem Post. This statement contradicts previous reports that suggested another Egyptian intelligence official repeatedly informed Israel about the Palestinian terrorist group’s plans.

“We have warned them an explosion of the situation is coming, and very soon, and it would be big. But they underestimated such warnings,” an official who spoke on condition of anonymity reportedly said.

According to reports, Egypt’s Intelligence Minister, Abbas Kamel, even personally called Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu just 10 days before Hamas attacked to tell him that “something unusual, a terrible operation,” was being planned from Gaza.

These statements aggravated the questions that were swirling about Israel’s intelligence services’ ability to confront the attacks from its enemies. However, this new information concurs with what the Israeli prime minister said.

“No early message came from Egypt and the prime minister did not speak or meet with the intelligence chief since the establishment of the government — not indirectly or directly,” Netanyahu’s office said.

A “monumental defense error.”

Recently, the writer Eduardo Zalovich told Voz Media that although Israel could not foresee a terrorist infiltration, certainly “Israel’s defense made a fundamental error.

However, the writer pointed out that the time to evaluate the mistakes will come later since now, Israel’s focus is to counterattack until it manages to destroy every last man of the terrorist organization.