Ecuador: at least 16 killed in landslide in Andean region

Seven people are missing and more than 500 have been affected, according to public sources.

According to Ecuador's Risk Management Secretariat on Monday, a landslide that occurred last Sunday in Alausí, Ecuador killed at least 16 people. Seven are still missing.

The same agency reported that last weekend's earthquake affected more than 500 people. The Ecuadorian Attorney General's Office reported that six bodies have been sent to the Forensic Center after the landslide.

Public Health has treated 24 patients, four of which are hospitalized at the Hospital Básico de Alausí and three have been transferred to other provinces.

"The government is fully active, focused on the tragedy of Alausí," said President Guillermo Lasso as he announced the government would offer lease bonds for the victims. He also added that in addition to emergency services, the armed forces, firefighters, police and the Red Cross are working in the affected area.

The governor of Chimborazo, Iván Vinueza Cisneros, told The Associated Press that the landslides began two months ago and people were asked to evacuate at that time. The official also pointed out that since the tremors had increased on Saturday, several residents decided to leave, but not all of them did.