Democratic cities are sanctuaries for criminals

Democratic officials' soft on crime policies have caused crimes to increase. Cities like New York, Chicago, Washington DC and San Francisco are proof of this.

Official data from The New York Police Department (NYPD) shows that robberies in the city have increased by 23.2% (compared to 2021); serious assaults have increased by 21%; grand thefts have skyrocketed by 30% and car thefts have increased by 54.6%. This is just some of the data that confirms the serious crisis of crime and delinquency that the residents of the so-called 'sanctuary' city are experiencing on a daily basis.

New Yorkers are looking for ways to protect themselves from criminals. For example, owners of warehouses and stores are purchasing weapons for self-defense. As revealed by The New York Post, the National Supermarket Association indicated that more than 25% of the city's warehouse owners have purchased a gun this last year (compared to 10% in 2019).

cs-en-us-city by Veronica Silveri on Scribd

A study by the Immigration Reform Law Institute (IRLI) showed how New York City's progressive policies have led it to become the nation's most dangerous "sanctuary city." Fernando Mateo, a member of the Bodega Unida Association, reaffirmed this theory and explained that part of the problem is that criminals believe they will not be legally reprimanded:

The NYPD is doing their job, they come when you call them and make arrests, but that person usually shows up at the desk and nothing will happen because the district attorneys and judges are not willing to prosecute.

Soft-on-crime policies encourage criminals to keep committing crimes. Every city where the criminal justice system has been reformed has seen an increase in the number of robberies and murders. All of these cities (like New York) have something in common: they are governed by Democrats.

Washington D.C.

This situation of unleashed crime is not only evident in New York City. The rapid increase in crime in Washington, DC, (another sanctuary city) not only affects the population in general but it also harms officials and high-ranking people's political profile.

This year, Representative Henry Cuellar was kidnapped and one of Senator Rand Paul's employees was stabbed. Representative Angie Craig was also the victim of an attack and even the security guard for Naomi Biden, the stepdaughter of the president, was attacked.

The data that reflects the growth of the crime wave in DC is worrying. DC has experienced a “30% increase in violent crime” in 2023 over last year. On the other hand, thefts have increased by 61%.

The situation has gotten so out of hand that Democratic Mayor Muriel Bowser admitted that the measures taken to reform the criminal justice system and all the policies that have been approved and supported by the DC Council "have been wrong" (referring, among other things, to the movement to defund the police"). She added that overall the District's "political environment is not conducive to safe streets."


Chicago is another 'sanctuary' city that is in trouble. The city leads - for the eleventh consecutive year - the ranking of cities with the highest number of homicides in the nation, according to the Daily Mail. A report from the organization Wirepoints predicts that the total number of serious crimes in 2023 will break records and "end up being approximately 60% higher than in 2019." The Illinois NGO prepared the forecast based on the number of crimes recorded in the city until November of this year:

Chicagoans will be victims of nearly 80,000 serious crimes in 2023. That's about 29,000 more crimes than in 2019, an increase of almost 60%. And it is an increase of 18% compared to last year.

The number of robberies is also higher than 2019 and 2022. According to the report, "Chicago criminals began a robbery spree in June of this year that shows no signs of ending," thefts have increased by more than 50% between June and October of this year (more than 1,200 reports were filed each month). It states that "motor vehicle thefts continue to represent the vast majority of the increase in crimes with respect to the last year":

Car thefts are driving the crime record in 2023 (...) so far Chicagoans have lost more than 25,000 cars. That's 56% more year to date than in 2022.

San Francisco

San Francisco is another sanctuary city where crime is neverending. Official data from the police department shows that robberies have shot up 13% compared to last year. Car break-in figures have also increased by 6.8%.

Congressman Kevin Kiley announced on social networks that crime has gotten so out of control that public employees of the Federal Building are recommended to work from home:

Crime in San Francisco is so out of control that employees of the Federal Building have been asked to stay home. The building houses Nancy Pelosi's office, as well as the Departments of Labor and Health and Human Services.

Kiley posted on social media that San Francisco is in a "total collapse " due to the " failed policies, radical policies and public corruption" applied by city leaders:

If California offers a preview of where our country is headed, San Francisco offers an even clearer warning. This is where failed policies, radical policies and public corruption are at their most advanced, and where residents are fleeing most quickly.