Cuban political prisoners call on population to rebel against dictatorship

"To the oppressed people of Cuba: Take to the streets. Those arrested for the July 11 protests believe it is time to achieve "total victory".

Cuban political prisoners imprisoned for the protests that began on July 11, 2021 called on the population to take to the streets in the coming days as a sign of protest against the Diaz-Canel dictatorship and to try to overthrow the tyrant. The call was made by means of a letter entitled: "To the oppressed people of Cuba". In the text they emphasized that "the time has come to obtain our total victory with or without the help of blind allies of the regime."

The existence of the letter was made public by different Cuban media. In the letter, the political prisoners also mentioned Pope Francis, whom they accused of accommodating and evading "the demands of the Cuban people" and of those who are currently serving "unjust imprisonment for defending them".

The initiative is backed by political organizations in exile, such as the Assembly of the Cuban Resistance (ARC), who expressed their support for the protests.

Numerous public demonstrations have taken place in Cuba in recent months, in a clear sign of weariness against the policies that the current regime maintains on a population living in precariousness. So far, the massive protests that shook Cuba from July 11 to 17, 2021 have been the largest on record and had the greatest media coverage, yet the regime remains in power.