Cuba: Protests against communist regime over blackout and lack of drinking water

Hurricane Ian left at least five dead and a great deal of damage that the Díaz-Canel government is unable to solve.

Cubans continue to protest against Miguel Diaz-Canel and the Castro legacy’s communist regime. Hurricane Ian left at least five dead and hundreds of thousands of homes destroyed. Now, thousands of people are once again reproaching the Díaz-Canel government for its inaction to solve the bad situation in the country after the storm.

As Ian passed through the Caribbean island, it produced a major national blackout, which is an example of the poor conditions in which many Cubans live. One of the most affected provinces is Pinar del Río, about 60 miles from Havana. In addition to the power outages (which have been occurring since May), there have also been problems with the supply of drinking water and agricultural plantations. Internet service has also been suspended.


Thousands of Cubans returned to the streets to demand water, electricity and food, essential services that are gradually being restored. They also fight for the freedom that the communist dictatorship does not grant them, as the Díaz-Canel regime represses protests through arrests and beatings.

Shouting and booing

Protests are spreading throughout the country. A few days ago, the Cuban president left the city of Batabanó amid shouts and boos from a large group of Cubans.

A few days before the 15-month anniversary of the massive demonstrations that took place between July 11-17, 2021, many people who were arrested are still in prison. Protests continue against the communist regime of one of the worst-rated presidents in all of Latin America.