Crowded marches in Iran to mark 40 days of protests

Tens of thousands of people marched through the streets to Mahsa Amini's grave on the 40th day anniversary of the young woman's murder.

Thousands of protesters marched to Mahsa Amini's grave to commemorate the 40 days since the young woman's death. They commemorated 40 days of protests, of struggle under the leadership of young women, but also of brutal repression by the regime. In this period, at least 252 citizens have lost their lives and more than 13,000 have been arrested.

Nevertheless, the Iranian people continue to chant "Woman, Life, Freedom!" and fight to end the Ayatollah' Regime. The massive march to the cemetery was joined by other marches in the country's main cities. At Tehran University, a large group of students chanted "we are free women."

"Women, Life and Liberty"

Shots fired at protesters

Iranian security forces tried to prevent each of them, even by opening fire on the demonstrators. During the march to the cemetery there were harsh confrontations and tense moments. Protesters marched despite facing violence from the repressors.

At least 13,309 detainees

The data regarding the Jameini government's repression continues to grow, but the people's spirit has not tapered off. According to FDD's Iran Program, at least 252 Iranians have lost their lives at the hands of law enforcement and at least 13,309 have been arrested for participating in the protests.

"We are free women"

Women continue to lead the rebellion. Removing their hijabs has become the symbol of the protests, and more and more people are joining the initiative. Even though at first it was just young women, especially female students, who started this gesture of rebellion, it has spread to all age groups. This is the case of a mother, whose son, a blogger, was murdered 10 years ago. "After 80 years" of wearing a headscarf, she finally took it off in solidarity with young Iranian women.