China intensifies aggression against Taiwan: 38 planes and 11 ships detected surrounding the island

Taiwanese authorities mobilized several military vehicles in response to Beijing's action.

The Taiwanese Defense Ministry said Thursday that it detected 38 warplanes and 11 Chinese naval or coast guard ships in the past 24 hours, a week after Beijing surrounded the island in a massive military drill.

The ministry assured that 28 of the Chinese planes crossed the median line that divides the Taiwan Strait, which separates the island from mainland China.

Taiwan mobilized military aircraft and ships in response to Beijing's action.

China considers the democratically governed Taiwan as part of its territory and has said it will never renounce force to bring it under its control.

The latest mobilization coincided with visits by representatives from the U.S. Congress, the first since current President Lai Ching-te took office on May 20.

Beijing has intensified pressure against Taiwan in recent years, with an almost daily presence of planes, drones or naval ships around the island.

Experts point out that these tactics, which fall short of acts of war, serve to wear down the Taiwanese armed forces.