Chavista regime forgives $70 billion in debts to its friends and allies

Cuba, with 22 billion, Argentina, Brazil and Ecuador are the ones who benefited most from the 'generosity' of the Venezuelan dictatorship.

Venezuela seems to be swimming in abundance based on the generosity of dictator Nicolás Maduro with his friends and allies. Mercedes de Freitas, director of the NGO Transparencia Venezuela considers that chavismo has squandered more than 70 billion dollars in gifts to these governments, according to a report analyzing 146 corruption cases opened in 26 countries on the destination of Venezuelan crude oil and the money that should have been received for it. "It is the justice system of other countries that provides us with information on the corruption of the regime, but we do not have a precise figure," said the historian at the International Meeting on Corruption and Human Rights in Venezuela, held in Madrid.

Cuba, with $22 billion 'given away' in oil, is the main beneficiary of Venezuelan generosity. Moreover, Nicolás Maduro was politically formed in this country, he is a great admirer of the Cuban communist one-party model and that is what he has always wanted for Venezuela. The sources consulted by this media assure that the Chavista leader is always surrounded by a praetorian guard made up of some three hundred Cubans, and military personnel control the main information centers and key posts of the Bolivarian Armed Forces.

In addition to Cuba, Nicaragua with US$4.88 billion; Ecuador with US$5.58 billion; Argentina with US$8.56 billion; and Brazil with US$5.25 billion are other countries that have benefited from Venezuela's generosity. And to a lesser extent, the Dominican Republic, with US$2.19 billion; Belize (US$250 million); Haiti, with US$395 million; and Antigua and Barbuda, with US$50 million.

Juan Guaidó's wife and daughters arrive in the U.S.

Juan Guaidó's family arrived this Wednesday in the United States to meet with her husband. The former interim president had left Venezuela for Colombia last week, but was deported by the Petro government and sent to the United States. Fabiana Rosales and her daughters Miranda and Mérida were able to embrace with Juan Guaidó at the Washington airport.