Border authorities ordered to release hundreds of migrants from reception centers to prevent overcrowding

Law enforcement and NGOs have reportedly already released thousands of migrants onto American streets without a trial date and without being able to track them, according to Fox News and other media.

Authorities along various areas of the southern border are reportedly releasing hundreds of immigrants onto the streets of the United States after capacity limits were exceeded, according to an exclusive report from Fox News.

On Thursday, for example, law enforcement released 2,000 of the 28,000 detainees into the U.S., Fox learned from Customs and Border Protection (CBP) sources.

Senior administration officials reportedly authorized government authorities and NGOs to release immigrants onto the streets. According to several media reports this week, the Biden administration was drafting a memo to order CBP to let immigrants depart without a court date or the possibility of being tracked.

Federal authorities have the capacity to hold 19,000 migrant refugees, far below the 26,000 currently registered. The priority of the officials in charge would be to avoid overcrowding.

Record numbers

The decision to release immigrants who entered the country through the southern border was reportedly made due to the high number of entries this week. On Wednesday, for the third consecutive day, border agents captured more than 10,000 migrants daily, according to several media reports.

These numbers could increase even higher. Congressman Tony Gonzales noted on Wednesday that there were 80,000 migrants coming through Guatemala with the United States as their destination. In addition, Mexican media report that there are close to 60,000 migrants at the Guatemala-Mexico border.