Big companies remove their ads from Russell Brand's show following accusations against him

'The News Movement' found that Burger King, London's Barbican Centre, Asos and Hello Fresh had suspended their advertisements for the comedian's Rumble videos.

Large companies such as Burger King, London's Barbican Centre, Asos and Hello Fresh have suspended their advertising that was present in the videos published on Russell Brand's Rumble channel, according to The News Movement (TNM).

Brand was recently accused of having abused and raped several people. This was stated in a documentary created by Channel 4 Dispatch, in collaboration with The Sunday Times and The Times of London . As a consequence, the actor and presenter already showed how YouTube demonetized his content. The UK Parliament reportedly tried to get Rumble to do the same, but they refused.

His management agency, Tavistock Wood Management, decided to sever all professional relationships with him and he was also forced to delay his Bipolarisation comedy tour.

Burger King, London's Barbican Centre, Asos and Hello Fresh

The hunt against Brand continues. TNM reporters John Simpson and Ollie Smith reported that the major companies responded to a request for comment by stating that they had removed or were in the process of removing ads on Brand's account.

Burger King stated that it had "paused all advertising on the channel while investigations into the allegations are underway." For its part, Hello Fresh commented: "Thank you for bringing this to our attention. We have manually removed our ads from Rumble." The Barbican said it had asked its "media agency to exclude this site where our ads appear."

The only company of those consulted that refused to respond was Asos. However, the media assures that according to its investigations "the company removed its ads this week."