What happened between Candace Owens and the Daily Wire?

Jeremy Boreing, CEO of the Daily Wire newspaper, reported that the outlet and the journalist "have ended their relationship." Minutes later, Owens confirmed the news.

Candace Owens is leaving The Daily Wire. After hours of rumors, Jeremy Boreing, CEO of the publication, reported through a post on X that the platform and the journalist "have ended their relationship":

Minutes later, Owens herself confirmed the news. She also decided to announce her departure from Ben Shapiro's platform on X, making it clear that she was not only leaving The Daily Wire but that, in the coming weeks, she would make "many announcements" about her future.

Owens joined the Daily Wire in 2021 as host of a content program that was published on the website during the week. It was there where she began to make comments that provoked, according to Variety, "months of tensions between her and Daily Wire co-founder Ben Shapiro over her promotion of various anti-Semitic conspiracy theories."

Owens’ stance the conflict in Gaza, a possible reason for her departure

In fact, it was this topic that created the most controversy within the publication. Owens had been increasingly critical of the military response that Israel exercised against Hamas after the Oct. 7 attacks, with various posts stating that she did not view Israel's actions favorably in the conflict:

This wasn't the only thing. Her program increasingly featured anti-Israeli comments, and that caught the attention of several supporters of Israel, who compiled a few moments when the journalist discriminated against the country:

The situation reached a point that Ben Shapiro, a journalist known for his strong support for Israel, said in a video uploaded on TikTok that Candace Owens' behavior was "absolutely disgraceful":

Reactions to Owens' departure

The reactions to the termination of Candace Owens' contract have not been long in coming. Social media was soon flooded with comments assuring that the departure of the commentator was something that the public had requested for a long time since, they believe, The Daily Wire will function better without her in its newsroom:

The next step in Candace Owens' career is yet to be known. Podcaster Dave Rubin assured that the journalist has been registered on his platform. While she has yet to confirm anything, the news could be reported in the coming hours: