Biden says he won't go to East Palestine because he already had a Zoom meeting

The President was again confused when asked by a reporter when he will visit Ohio and ended up talking about an Aretha Franklin song.

"I was, I made a whole video." That is how Joe Biden responded to a journalist who asked him if he plans to travel to East Palestine in the near future. The president began by stating that he has "at this moment, no" plan to visit the area affected by the derailment of a train with toxic chemicals, but he began to show signs of confusion and ended up walking away from the reporters.

The president seemed to realize what he had just said and tried to correct himself, but ended up complicating things further. "I mean, uh, you know, the uh, what the hell, on..." and tries to find the right word, to the surprise of the journalists. Finally he exclaimed "Zoom!", probably referring to the video call the president made from Poland to authorities in Ohio.

Biden does not plan to go to Ohio

No sooner had he uttered these words, however, than Biden rambled on again, with obvious slurred speech: " All I can hear every time I think of Zoom is that song from my generation, Who's Zoomin' Who?".

What the president did make clear is that, despite criticism from Republicans and those affected, visiting the environmental disaster zone is not a priority. Not even Trump's recent campaign stop has changed his mind. From the current administration, the only heavyweight to come to the locality was Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg last Thursday.

Who's zoomin who?' hit by Aretha Franklin

The song in question is by Aretha Franklin, and was released on July 9, 1985, on the album of the same name. The album went on to sell over a million copies and the title track, Freeway to love won the Grammy for Best Female R&B Vocal Performance.