An "extremely dangerous" illegal migrant convicted of murder escaped from Pennsylvania prison

Authorities are offering a reward of up to $5,000 to anyone who can report his whereabouts.

An illegal immigrant convicted of murder escaped Thursday from a maximum-security prison in Pennsylvania. Authorities have already begun their search but alerted citizens that he is considered an "extremely dangerous" man.

Danelo Cavalcante, 34, was recently sentenced to life in prison for stabbing his ex-partner more than a dozen times and is also known to be wanted for homicide in Brazil.

According to the Chester County District Attorney's Office, the man escaped from the correctional center Thursday around 8:50 a.m. and was last seen walking through Pocopson Township, dressed in a white T-shirt, gray shorts and white shoes.

Authorities said they have already deployed search teams with helicopter and drone units. Residents within a six-mile radius of the prison were also alerted to what happened while the grounds and surroundings of the facility were searched.

Despite the efforts, the authorities asked for the public's help and explained that a reward of up to $5,000 is being offered to anyone who reports his whereabouts.

However, Chester County District Attorney Deb Ryan insisted that Cavalcante "is considered an extremely dangerous man," so she suggested not approaching him but only calling 911 for information.

Officials described the killer as a light-skinned man about 5 feet tall and weighing about 120 pounds. Cavalcante also has curly black hair and brown eyes.

"Chester County Detectives and the Pennsylvania State Police are conducting a thorough county-wide search," the district attorney's office said.