70% of Venezuelans are fed up with traditional politicians and place their hopes in María Corina Machado

"Venezuelans are disappointed because all of the country's ex-officio politicians failed them."

A recent Datincorp survey reveals Venezuelans' dissatisfaction with the country's politics. Most citizens no longer trust the most prominent leaders, regardless of whether they are from the ruling party or the opposition.

A survey of over a thousand voters in the Caribbean country showed that 70% of Venezuelans feel disappointed with politics and politicians in general. In fact, 63% of citizens said they no longer trust any of the most recognized political leaders.

"Venezuelans are disappointed because all the politicians of office in the country failed them (...) During a quarter of a century of the Chavista government, the opposition has implemented all the strategies there are, and they have not been successful," explained Jesús Seguías, President of Datincorp. He pointed out that this lack of results on the part of the opposition has led to a loss of credibility in them.

The study indicates that 48% of voters would prefer the nation's next president to be an independent leader. However, if the presidential elections were to be held today, the candidate with the highest percentage points in a long list of candidates is María Corina Machado with 17% approval.

The political management consultant explained that a large part of the opposition continues to channel Machado as a consistent leader and even believes that she could be "the only reasonable path" left for the next elections. But he insists that for Venezuela to stop living the failure caused by the dictatorial regime, the opposition must achieve the greatest possible unity and support a single candidate capable of attracting voters.

"The government needs two things to work in order to win with its minority. One, that the opposition does not go to vote; and two, that the opposition is divided," he said.

He also stressed that the economy has to be an essential talking point in the narrative of the opposition candidate since, in the Datincorp survey, voters highlighted that this is the country's biggest problem, underscoring the urgency of inflation and low wages and unemployment.