"We conservatives know what a woman is": United Kingdom excludes trans people from female medical wards

The British health system is also again using the term "woman" instead of "pregnant person" or "person with a uterus."

The United Kingdom has backed down on its transgender policies once again. Health Secretary Steve Barclay announced a new series of measures that correct previous directions in relation to gender identity and treatment in the country's health centres.

"If we don't do it now, the consequences could be very serious for the protection of women and future generations," Secretary Barclay declared when announcing that Transgender people will no longer have access to hospital wards and rooms that are designated for women. The Secretary of Health assured that "We conservatives know what a woman is," when he announced the end of trans policies in public hospitals.

The secretary assured that it is a matter of common sense. The conservative's management proposes allocating the resources of the public health system to improving treatments and facilities, instead of to diversity and inclusion policies, such as those for trans people.

Unisex medical rooms based on biological sex are "to ensure that we respect the privacy, dignity and safety of all patients, recognize the importance of different biological needs and protect women's rights," according to the Tory secretary during his speech at the Conservative Party congress and Unionist.

Along with this measure, the head of Health also announced that there will be a change in terminology on the NHS (National Health Service) websites to refer to women. Once again, the NHS will refer to women for what they are and abandons terms promoted by the queer lobby such as "pregnant person" or "person with a uterus," phrases that many denounced for their dehumanization and erasure of women from public spaces.

Sex change for criminals

The Secretary of the Interior, Suella Braverman, also announced some news related to transsexuality. The Tory intends to change the law to prevent criminals from changing their gender in the civil registry.