WATCH: Megyn Kelly corners Bill Maher on Trump, Hillary Clinton and border crisis

The journalist interviewed the comedian about his new book and took the opportunity to discuss critical issues surrounding the 2024 election.

Comedian and political commentator Bill Maher is once again trending on social media as he promotes his new book "What This Comedian Said Will Shock You," this time due to the heated discussion he had with Megyn Kelly during the journalist's show on SiriusXM.

From the start of the show, Maher and Kelly discussed critical and controversial topics such as the 2024 election, illegal immigration, the "wokism" of the American left and their views on Donald Trump.

Maher, a well-known "anti-Trumper," who on recent occasions and to the surprise of a good part of his audience has defended him, especially around the trial over the Stormy Daniels case that is taking place in New York and the inconsistencies in the statements both of the porn actress and the key-witness Michael Cohen, insisted on numerous occasions that he could not understand how anyone could vote for Donald Trump, because although he understood that Biden was "deeply flawed," at least "he does believe in our way of life" while Donald Trump "will never give up power," arguing that so far he had not conceded the last election and did not plan to concede the next one.

Kelly responded that he was not going to defend "election denialism" to which Maher replied. "but what's more important?" The journalist then replied: "How about my daughter not going into a locker room and seeing a man's penis?" and "How about young men on college campuses getting due process when they get accused falsely of rape?" To which Maher responded that it was a false equivalence, arguing that electoral denialism undermines the foundation on which these problems could be resolved precisely through the due process system.

It was at that moment that Kelly left Maher speechless by telling him that the "the original election denier" had been Hillary Clinton, who had said on numerous occasions that Trump "was an illegitimate president" despite having conceded the election the same night. Here is a video shared by RNC Research of Hillary Clinton and other members of the Democratic Party publicly denying the election results during the four years of Donald Trump's presidency:

Bill Maher tried to defend his point by saying that these were different situations, that Hillary had conceded the election immediately and that Trump had not, denying Kelly's claims about Hillary's statements, and then asking "you tell me exactly what she said?" Kelly responded: "She said those exact words, repeatedly." To which Maher responded: "Ok," again trying to say that it was not the same and it was a "false equivalency"

Here is the segment of the discussion:

Hillary Clinton's electoral denialism and the double standard applied by Maher to Trump were not the only things in which Megyn Kelly cornered the comedian. Other topics such as the border crisis were uncomfortable for Maher, who ended up conceding the fact that under the Trump administration the border was "somewhat better."

Here is the segment on the border crisis:

In addition to these first discussions, Kelly addressed many other important topics for the political discussion of the moment such as "wokism" and the cancel culture of the left, critical race theory, identity politics, Trump's trial in New York and the Stormy Daniels case, gender ideology, the defense of Hamas terrorists by students in the IVY League colleges, among others.

Here is the full Megyn Kelly show with Bill Maher:

Bill Maher has been the center of controversy on social networks on several occasions in the last month where he has frontally criticized the narratives of the Democratic Party and the left, the judicial process of Trump in New York, gender ideology in public schools and the identity politics aimed at the black community, reasons why in his own words, he has lost part of his audience, however, he claims not to be worried about it because the majority of those who listen to his program and read his books are political orphans and "without a team."