Video shows Andreas Probst's fatal hit-and-run in Las Vegas was intentional

The recording shows how the 17-year-old killer deliberately smashes the former police officer with his vehicle while the victim was riding a bicycle.

The hit-and-run incident that killed Andreas Probst on August 14 in Las Vegas (Nevada) was intentional. This is evidenced by a video that has been made public and in which the driver, 17, is seen deliberately running over the 64-year-old former police officer – who was riding a bicycle – with his car while the passenger filmed him with his cell phone.

In the recording, seconds before the fatal accident, the killer is heard honking the horn of his vehicle and laughing with the passenger, who is covered with a balaclava. They then fled at high speed.

Warning: The following video contains disturbing images that viewers may find traumatic

The identity of the killer was not revealed because he is a minor. Shortly after running over Probst, he was taken into custody and transferred to a juvenile detention center in Nevada. Police expanded their charges to include murder after seeing the footage.

Probst was a police officer in California for 35 years. He became chief of the Bell City Police Department (Los Angeles County). In 2009, he decided to retire and move to Nevada, where he worked remotely for a security company.