UAW auto workers union in crisis: Registers lowest membership since 2010

The organization, which called last year's strike, has 370,239 members. Two decades ago, it exceeded 700,000.

The United Auto Workers (UAW) automobile sector union registered its lowest membership in the last 14 years. The latest records from the Department of Labor (DOL) indicate that the UAW currently has 370,239 members; a shocking figure taking into account that, just two decades ago, the organization exceeded 700,000 members.

Before the strike, the union boasted that it added about 10,000 workers to its membership roster, The Detroit News reported, totaling nearly 400,000 members. Just over a year later, the UAW has entered a crisis and recorded a massive decline in membership.

Last year, the UAW called its members to strike, serving as a megaphone for workers in the sector who demanded more desirable salaries and working conditions. It was one of the three major strikes that were called in 2023, along with those of Hollywood screenwriters and actors, and that captured the attention and attention of Americans and administrations due to its special significance in the normal development of their markets.

During that stoppage, the UAW represented many of the employees, around 13,000, of the three large North American factories: Ford Motor Company, Stellantis and General Motors. After weeks of complaints and negotiations, the executives of the companies each reached separate agreements with the union members to end the strike. The workers achieved their objective, managing to improve their salaries and working conditions.