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June data indicate a slowdown in job creation

The unemployment rate in the country increased slightly in June, reaching 4.1%.


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A Labor Department report revealed that the national unemployment rate rose slightly in June to 4.1%, while job creation slowed down from the previous month.

In total, according to the report compiled by AFP, 206,000 jobs were created in June compared to the 218,000 created the previous month.


The unemployment rate was expected to remain at 4%. The Department's report highlights a slowdown in activity across the manufacturing and service sectors.

CNN also reported that American wages are experiencing the slowest growth rate in two years.

"Wage growth has slowed steadily over the past several months. U.S. workers made $35 an hour, on average, in June, up 10 cents from May. From a year earlier, average hourly earnings were up 3.9% in June," the news outlet reported.