Trump accuses Biden of selling classified information to China

The former president calls on the FBI to enter Joe Biden's "many homes" and even the White House to search for more documentation.

Former President Donald Trump has lashed out harshly at Joe Biden following reports of documents being found in the current president's office at the Penn Biden Center for Diplomacy and Global Engagement in Washington. The tycoon has accused his successor of stealing classified documents while he was vice president of the Obama Administration and selling them to China in exchange for $54 million that the Asian country deposited in the accounts of Biden's think tank.

Trump's Truth Social account erupted overnight Monday. The former president did not pass up the opportunity to analyze the CBS News exclusive to attack Biden, the FBI and the DOJ. Already in his first publication he made his position clear by directly calling into question the FBI´s tactics, and comparing the treatment received by the current president to the raid of his Mar-a-Lago home by federal agents. Especially since, according to him, there is no doubt that this is classified information: "When is the FBI going to raid the many homes of Joe Biden's, perhaps even the White House? These documents were definitely not declassified."

"They can't sweep this under the rug"

Trump further insisted and developed his hypothesis in successive publications, sometimes by paraphrasing third party tweets. The first, from conservative Representative Marjorie Taylor Green: "Joe Biden took classified documentation from the White House when he was Vice President. The V.P. does NOT have the power to declassify, only POTUS. Joe Biden stole classified documents. This is a very serious crime. DOJ & NARA (The National Archives and Records Administration) can't sweep it under the rug and persecute TRUMP."

$54 million from PCC

He then retweeted a thread by Republican Congressman Andy Biggs, linking Chinese Communist Party payments to Biden's institution and to the documents found: "Biden stole classified documents and stored them in his think tank while he was VP. The VP does not have any authority to declassify classified documents. And this 'think tank' received $54 million in funding from the PCC. The Biden family concerns me. Joe, Hunter, and even 'Dr'. Jill. They are compromised and must be investigated."

Biden knew when the FBI was searching Mar-a-Lago

He then shared what was written by Texas GOP Congressman Ronny Jackson, who angrily compared the double standard of the FBI and DOJ to Biden and Trump. He further accused Biden of orchestrating the attacks and legal proceedings against the former president when he knew what he had done: "Biden knew for YEARS that he had been storing HIGHLY Classified documents in his personal office. He KNEW when FBI agents were raiding Mar-a-Lago, and he KNEW it when he appointed a partisan special counsel. HE KNEW THE WHOLE TIME BUT STILL HAD HIS DOJ GOONS PERSECUTE TRUMP!!!"

Attempt to hide them before midterms?

Shortly thereafter, Trump again drew on Jackson's analysis to denounce that the appearance of these documents dates back to November 2, 2009, a week before midterms, and have been hidden from the public for two months: "Did Biden try to conceal these documents before the midterms? How long did the federal government KNOW these documents were hidden? WHY are we just hearing about this now? these questions need to be answered!!!"

Seize even "his passports"

He also endorsed Clay Travis' proposal that the FBI seize even "the passports" of the president because "our democracy is at stake." "The only possible way to ensure Joe Biden has no more illegal documents from his vice-presidency is for the FBI to raid all of his residences and seize anything they want, including his passports. Our democracy is at risk, anything less and we could all die."

China "saw the classified documents"

Following this series of retweets, Trump again directly tweeted his opinion on what is going on, harping on China and Biden's lack of powers as VP to declassify documentation, "Wow!!! Biden's Think Tank is funded by CHINA!!!!! Also, a V.P. cannot Declassify documents, which are covered by the Federal Records Act, which is a Criminal act and MUCH HARDER than the Presidential Records Act, which is NOT Criminal. A President, me, can Declassify. How much more information has been given to China?"

In addition, Trump was confident that the documents came into the possession of the Chinese government and that it was able to analyze them. According to the former president, $54 million "is a lot of money", so "they (the communist government) saw the classified documents."

"Not a good situation for our country to be in"

In his latest post on the matter, Trump accuses Biden of going too far and asserted that it is something he would never have done. "Biden giving China Highly classified documents would be a bridge too far. I certainly wouldn't do it. It's not a good situation for our country to be in."