The rental company Hertz is getting rid of its fleet of electric vehicles

The company claims that the costs resulting from crashes and accidents are too high compared to gasoline-powered cars.

The vehicle rental company Hertz announced this Thursday that it would sell around 20,000 electric vehicles that its subsidiary has in the United States. These include models from Tesla and other brands. The company, which in 2022 had planned to add more electric vehicles to its fleet of cars, has since changed its mind.

According to Reuters, the alleged reason for ending the fleet of electric vehicles is the high cost derived from crashes and small accidents, which puts the company's accounts out of balance. Hertz has decided to focus on its traditional gasoline-powered vehicles, as well as the hybrids.

Hertz had planned to acquire 100,000 units of Tesla, along with another 65,000 units of Polestar, a Swedish producer acquired in 2025 by the Volvo group. The board's decision comes after Hertz shares fell 4%.

The rental car company joins the wave that is depreciating the value of electric vehicles in the general market. The year 2023 closed with declining sales. Two of the large American automobile companies, Ford and General Motors, also lowered their planned production for 2024 due to poor sales.

Sixt will not renew its electric fleet

The German rental car company Sixt has also decided to get rid of its electric vehicles. In December 2023, the company made the news when it decided not to purchase more Tesla units. According to Reuters, Sixt is selling models as part of its fleet change program.

However, the company claims that it still hopes to make its European fleet between 70 and 90% electric by 2030.