The immigration system is "broken," denounce San Diego County authorities

The County Board sent a letter to the State of California for its decision to abandon migrant housing and management efforts.

Jim Desmond, a supervisor for San Diego County, criticized the results of the Biden Administration's immigration policy during an interview. Desmond assured that the avalanche of migrants coming from the southern border is too great a challenge for the resources that San Diego County has and that it is necessary to completely change the system.

According to Desmond, more than 3,500 migrants arrived in San Diego County in the last week, a situation that the supervisor describes as unsustainable. Given the situation that San Diego is going through, Desmond points to the federal government as the main person responsible.

“We’re not the immigration department. We don’t have these types of resources available,” he said in an interview with NBC San Diego. The supervisor believes that it is necessary to give the immigration system a much needed break, in order to remodel it in the future. “The best cure would be, when we’re at capacity, stop letting people in for a while. We need a better system. Our immigration system has failed. It is broken. This is not the way to run an immigration system.”

Desmond's words come after Nora Vargas, President of the San Diego County Board, sent a letter to the state of California to complain about the Newson Administration's decision to cease its participation in the housing and management efforts of the immigrants. In the letter, dated September 11, Vargas expresses concern that "without the state's ongoing coordination and operations, we will reach maximum shelter capacity and that would result in street releases in San Diego."

According to statements on X (formerly Twitter) by Bill Wells, mayor of El Cajon, “Every emergency room is at capacity in SD County. Our homeless shelters are full. Resources are stretched thin. The Biden Administration allowed this to happen. People must pay attention and vote to fix this problem!”