South America on alert and searching for criminal "Niño Guerrero," the leader of the Tren de Aragua gang that plagues the region

"We have coordinated with the governments of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile for the search, persecution and capture operation," reported Nicolás Maduro.

Héctor Guerrero Flórez, better known as "Niño Guerrero," is no longer only being sought by the Venezuelan authorities. Several South American countries also announced their efforts to capture the leader of the Tren de Aragua criminal gang.

Authorities from Chile, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru reported that they are joining the search for Niño Guerrero after he managed to escape from the prison he used as the operations center for his criminal organization.

Nicolás Maduro's regime announced that the authorities did not find the leader of one of the most powerful gangs in the region, during the operation that took place on September 21 that sought to regain control of the prison that was used as a base for various illicit activities.

According to the dictator, “corrupt” officials alerted the leader of the criminal gang of the operation, which allowed both Niño Guerrero and other members of the organization to escape.

Shortly after the operation, several reports located Guerrero in Peru, one of the countries where the Tren de Aragua operates.

However, given the uncertainty, other countries that have been affected by the crimes of this criminal organization decided to join the search and capture of the criminal.

“We have coordinated with the governments of Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Chile so that the search, persecution and capture operation against these criminals is international,” announced Nicolás Maduro, adding that his government offers a reward to anyone who provides information about the location of "Niño Guerrero."

Peru's Minister of Interior, Vicente Romero, confirmed that his country is working together with Venezuela and other countries in the region to stop Guerrero. Likewise, he explained that an investigation is already being carried out that involves the surveillance of several members of the transnational gang and added that Peru also offers a reward to those who provide useful information for the capture of the criminal.