Shakira surprises 40,000 fans with pop-up concert in Times Square

The Colombian artist sang some of the songs from her new album, 'Las mujeres ya no cry.'

One of the busiest places on the planet was the stage chosen by Shakira to surprise many of her followers. Around 40,000 people came to Times Square to see the Colombian singer live, who gave a free concert that she announced, a few hours before, on her social networks.

"What an insane experience!! 40,000 of you in Times Square, I have goosebumps! Thank you for such an amazing welcome and for coming to party with me NY!" wrote the Hispanic singer.

The release of her new album, Women no longer cry, was the main reason that led Shakira to perform this unexpected and, at the same time, spectacular performance. The Colombian singer recited some of her new releases such as 'Puntería', 'La Fuerte' and 'Cohete.'