Saudi crown prince says normalization of relations between Israel and Saudi Arabia is getting closer

“For us, the Palestinian issue is very important. We need to solve that part," MBS clarified.

Mohammed bin Salman, the crown prince of Saudi Arabia, announced that his country is getting closer every day to normalizing relations with Israel, although he clarified that there are still issues to resolve.

This Wednesday, some segments of an interview that Fox News conducted with the Saudi heir known as MBS were published. During the conversation, the prince spoke about the talks being held in an attempt to reach a historic agreement for long-standing enemies (Israel and Saudi Arabia) to resume diplomatic relations.

"Every day we get closer," MBS said.

However, the prince clarified that there is still at least one important issue that needs to be resolved before reestablishing ties with Israel.

“For us, the Palestinian issue is very important. We need to solve that part. And we have a good negotiations strategy til now,” said the heir, adding that his country hopes to reach an agreement “that will ease the life of the Palestinians and get Israel as a player in the Middle East.”

The concern of a nuclear weapon

During the interview, the prince took the opportunity to express his concern about the possibility that Iran (an adversary that Saudi Arabia has in common with Israel ) could have or obtained a nuclear bomb. However, he assured that if Iran is trying to obtain this type of weapons, Saudi Arabia will strive to do the same.

"If they [Iran] get one, we have to get one, for security reasons and the balance of power in the Middle East. But we don't want to see that," he said, highlighting that it would be a "bad move" on the part of that country.

“If you use it, you got to have a big fight with the rest of the world,” he explained.

Israel confirms the proximity of an agreement

This same Wednesday, the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, had a conversation with President Joe Biden and told him that reconciliation between his country and Saudi Arabia “is something within our reach.”