Nikki Haley blasts Biden's foreign policy

Severe criticism of President Biden's Middle East tour. Denounces the stance towards Saudi Arabia and the pursuit of a pact with Iran.

Nikki Haley warns about Joe Biden's foreign policy drift. The former US ambassador to the UN says that the president's Middle East tour has made several mistakes that could damage the country's international relations. Haley warns of the danger of seeking a deal with Iran, and of turning to Saudi Arabia for oil to replace Russian supplies.

Speaking on Fox's One Nation program, Haley said that Biden's tour has hindered U.S. foreign policy in such a way that its effects will last for a long time:

"It's so interesting how wrong he continues to get foreign policy, and we're going to be dealing with foreign policy for the next 10 years because of all the failures that he's done."

Why is Biden seeking an Iran deal?

First of all, Nikki Haley wanted to put the US relationship with Iran on the table. She wondered why Biden was interested in seeking an agreement with the Islamic Republic, a declared enemy of the US:

"This is a country that says "death to America" and the region, all of the Arab countries know the dangers of Iran. Israel knows the dangers of Iran. It's like Biden's the only one that doesn't understand how dangerous this country is, the number one sponsor of terror and you're going to try and fall all over yourself to get into a deal with them."

In Haley's opinion, it is a mistake to promote an agreement with Iran. Especially if the aim is to seek peace and stability in the region, given that Tehran has an agenda contrary to Western democracies. Hostility towards Israel, alliances with radical Islamists and the limitation of fundamental freedoms are hallmarks of Iranian policy: "If you want to bring about peace in that region, the Iran deal is the last thing you need to get into," she said.


Saudi Arabia and oil supply

In the same vein, Haley criticized the posture with which Biden appeared in Saudi Arabia. She said that going to "beg for oil" left the US in a very bad place, and is not a good solution to the energy crisis either.

"It's unbelievable to me that he's going to Saudi to beg for oil when he should be begging our energy producers for forgiveness. We shouldn't ever go to another country to depend on anything."

Haley made a similar point at the CUFI Summit (Christians United for Israel), where she wanted to make it clear that the U.S. alliance with Israel must be strengthened. "Modern Israel provides us with the inspiration we need," she said.

In that same meeting Haley stated that Biden's successor should nullify any pact the current president might reach with the Iranian ayatollahs.