More than 100 migrants died at southern border from heat stroke so far in fiscal year 2023

Last week, Border Patrol reported that 13 migrants died due to high temperatures in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona.

There has been a significant increase in the number of migrant deaths at the southern border due to rising temperatures. According to the Border Patrol, 226 people were rescued last week in a serious state of dehydration and severe heat stroke. The patrol found 13 other migrants dead at the southern border. These deaths were directly related to the high temperatures that plague states such as Texas and Arizona.

New Border Patrol Chief Jason Owens shared the news on Twitter. Other border control agency officials also issued warnings regarding the high temperatures at the southern border. Authorities have issued further warnings and are asking migrants not to put themselves in danger by crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

According to Border Patrol data provided to the Washington Post, in fiscal year 2023 through July, there have been 103 heat-related immigrant deaths. CBS Austin, citing a Patrol spokeswoman, reported that 67 immigrants died from the heat in the El Paso area.

High temperatures are the main reason for rescues at the southern border. According to Border Patrol public data, 1,664 heat rescue operations were conducted in FY 2021, more than in previous years. 2020 closed with 485 rescues for the same reason compared to 380 in 2019 and 480 in 2018.

Now in 2023, Border Patrol agents are still identifying heat as the main reason for rescues. According to spokeswoman Herrera Baeza who spoke to CBS, there have already been 300 rescues in the El Paso area this year. In Texas and along the southern border, daytime temperatures have exceeded 100ºF several times.