Matt Walsh announces lawsuits against 'Wired' after hacking of his Twitter account

The conservative commentator is suing the media outlets that contacted the hacker to obtain private information from his phone.

Twitter controversy after the hacking of Matt Walsh's account. The profile of the author of What is a Woman, known for his positions against the woke agenda and gender self-determination, was hacked earlier this week. Authorship of the attack appears to lie with the cybercriminal known as Doomed. For the duration of the hacker's intrusion into Walsh's Twitter account, absurd messages and references to other conservative commentators such as Ben Shapiro were posted.

Walsh managed to regain control of his Twitter account. Meanwhile, several journalists contacted the hacker Doomed and reported on the hacking of Walsh's account. According to Walsh, several of these media outlets published private information obtained thanks to the Hacker. According to the conservative commentator, this constitutes a violation of his privacy and is a crime, so he will take legal action against the media and journalists involved in this matter.

Twitter was quick to sanction one of the journalists who reported on this event. Dell Cameron, a senior writer for Wired, was banned from the social network for violating Twitter's rules of conduct. According to Walsh, Cameron contacted Doomed to obtain private data from the conservative commentator.

Wired, for its part, condemned the expulsion of its editor. The media considers that Cameron did not publish any private information and that his text was merely informative and in accordance with the law and the policies of the social network Twitter.