London dresses up for the premiere of 'Dune: Part 2'

Zendaya and Florence Pugh shined at the world premiere of the film that also stars Anya Taylor-Joy.

It took several months, but the long-awaited premiere of "Dune: Part 2" has finally arrived. The sequel to Denis Villaneuve's feature film will land on the big screen in a few weeks, and London dressed up this Thursday to celebrate one of the year's most anticipated movie premieres.

A stage full of sand awaited the arrival of the cast, headlined by Zendaya and Florence Pugh. The former wore two different looks. The first and most daring showed the actress in a silver robot dress from the Mugler archive (AW 1995-1996). The flashy outfit resembled C-3PO from the "Star Wars" saga, as several people highlighted on social media.

Zendaya during the premiere of 'Dune: Part 2' in Leicester Square, London.
(Cordon Press)

However, the look didn't last long. As she entered the room where the film was being screened, the actress reappeared in another more contemporary outfit made by the same designer:

Zendaya switched to a second, more contemporary Mugler look during the 'Dune: Part 2' premiere in London
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Florence Pugh opted for a brown sequin dress custom designed by Valentino that was accompanied by a hood made by Pierpaolo Piccioli. However, it was not the actress's look that surprised those attending the premiere, but rather her company. The actress decided to attend the event with her grandmother, whom she affectionately calls Granzo Pat, with whom she posed during the photoshoot.

Florence Pugh with her grandmother at the London premiere of 'Dune: Part 2'
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But the real star of the film, and the one whom fans were excitedly waiting for, was actor Timothée Chalamet. After recently starring in "Wonka," Chalamet appeared on the red carpet in Leicester Square with a black T-shirt and silver patchwork pants by Haider Achermann, as he greeted and took several photographs with the public.

Timothée Chalamet with a fan at the London premiere of 'Dune: Part 2'
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Anya Taylor-Joy confirms her role in the film

However, the premiere of "Dune: Part 2" still had some surprises in store. At the event, Anya Taylor-Joy confirmed her role in the feature film. The rumor had been circulating online for a few weeks, but it was not until Thursday when, after appearing on the red carpet wearing a cream-colored bridal outfit and a head veil, she announced that she was, indeed, among the cast of the film.

Anya Taylor-Joy confirmed her participation in 'Dune: Part 2' during the film's premiere
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The news was revealed exclusively in the livestream on the Warner Bros. TikTok channel. Taylor-Joy also gave her first thoughts on the long-awaited sequel:

Having seen it, this is probably one of the best movies I’ve seen in my entire life. Genuinely, Denis has killed it, it’s incredible. This is a dream come true, you know? The books are incredible but with this cast and with Denis, it doesn’t get any better than that.

The director of the feature film, Denis Villaneuve, also attended the red carpet. He assured Variety after seeing the desert-themed stage that, after six years of filming, both the cast and himself were used to the environment and, therefore, he did not care if sand got in his shoes: "We are used to it, we have a bit of PTSD from that. The past six years we find sand constantly [everywhere]."

After this, the long-awaited moment arrived to see the sequel to the feature film that Villaneuve released in 2021, an adaptation of Frank Herbert's book which, the director detailed to Variety, hits on current topics such as politics and religion:

The book became more and more relevant about specific topics — for instance the blend of politics and religion or the impact of the collapse of the ecosystems on humans. Things that as a kid I felt were very interesting but today it’s actually important to talk about that.

Critics satisfied with 'Dune: Part 2'

For film experts, the movie will go down in history not only for tackling these themes, but for being the "definitive sci-fi epic of a generation." This is how Rotten Tomatoes critic Griffin Schiller described it:

Entertainment journalists German Luisser, Eric Eisenberg and Emily Murray shared the same opinion. They all agreed that "Dune: Part 2" is a great film that could be worthy, like the first part, of real Oscar buzz.

The film, which will once again feature Josh Brolin, Javier Bardem, Dave Bautista and Stellan Skarsgård, as well as new faces like Taylor-Joy and Austin Butler, will hit theaters Friday, March 1: