Lionel Messi surprises with his first words in English during the promotion of 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die'

The advertising spot for the film, which opens in theaters on June 7, featured the participation of Argentine soccer player and NBA player Jimmy Butler.

Lionel Messi surprised this Tuesday with his first public words in English. He did it while promoting "Bad Boys: Ride or Die," the new film starring Will Smith and Martin Lawrence, which opens next Friday, June 7, in theaters.

The athlete and current captain of the Argentine soccer team appeared in this advertising spot also starring Miami Heat player Jimmy Butler. But Messi stole the spotlight from the NBA basketball player. He did so solely by speaking, as he pronounced his first words in English, a language he began to learn when he moved to Miami and a fact that did not go unnoticed among fans of the film.


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"Messi officially said something in English for the first time, Bad Boys!!! Only Will Smith made it possible," can be read among the thousands of comments that the spot generated alluding to the soccer player.

This was not the only one. According to Infobae, there were many followers who emphasized the appearance of the soccer star in the advertising campaign. "Brother, it's crazy, the first time I hear Messi say something in English," reflected another while a third person did not believe that this fact was reality: "It should be Artificial Intelligence. There is no way Messi can speak English," he stated.

Will Messi appear in 'Bad Boys: Ride or Die'?

The fact that Messi spoke English was a surprise, however, his participation in the promotion was known in advance thanks to Messi himself who was in charge of announcing it. He also did so through a post on Instagram in which the soccer player was seen accompanied by Will Smith and Martin Lawrence while the three practiced this well-known sport.

This was the first collaboration that the athlete made in the feature film, and even then, rumors began that both Messi and Butler could make cameos in the film. Rumors that are now increasing thanks to this new spot where, in addition, Messi has spoken his first words in English.


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