In New York, 8 in 10 people see the increase in immigrants as a "serious problem"

A survey conducted by Siena College found this majority opinion, reinforcing the differences between Joe Biden and Mayor Eric Adams.

According to a survey conducted by Siena College, New York is unhappy with the increase in immigrants in the City. These findings enhance the brief rivalry between Joe Biden and Eric Adams over this issue. The mayor recently complained to the federal government over the lack of help the Big Apple was receiving to accommodate the migratory flow that continues to arrive at its doorstep.

According to the survey, 8 in 10 New Yorkers see this situation as a "serious problem" for the state, while 54% see it as "very serious." In turn, 46% of respondents said that immigrants who settled in the state during the last 20 years are "a burden."

Discontent appears to be widespread, crossing any kind of partisan barrier in the state. "New Yorkers – including huge majorities of Democrats, Republicans, Independents, upstaters and downstaters – overwhelmingly say that the recent influx of migrants to New York is a serious problem for the state," said Steven Greenberg, a pollster at Siena College.

"More than three-quarters of Republicans and 60% of Independents say New Yorkers have done enough and must now slow the flow of immigrants to the state, rather than accept them and help assimilate them into New York, while Democrats are evenly divided. Overall, New Yorkers say slow the flow of immigrants, by 58% to 36%."

Adams, who recently claimed the City had reached a " breaking point" on immigration, stressed the need to control the border. "We have to declare a state of emergency, and we have to adequately fund this national crisis. We need help," he said in mid-August.

What is the solution?

The respondents were also not very clear on a solution, and their answers were divided in this case according to their political party. "By a 50-40% margin, voters support relocating new migrants from temporary New York City housing to permanent housing in communities across the state. It is strongly supported by Democrats and New York City voters, while Republicans are strongly opposed, and independents and non-City voters are closely divided but leaning toward opposition," the poll added.

Biden, Hochul and Adams' immigration management is unpopular in New York

The survey also asked about the image of current Democratic executives, in this case, Joe Biden in the White House, Kathy Hochul as governor of New York state and Eric Adams as mayor of the City. In all three cases, the majority of opinions were unfavorable on handling immigration.

"Voters disapprove of the job that Hochul is doing to address the influx 51-35%. They disapprove of the job Mayor Eric Adams is doing 47-31%. And they disapprove of the job the Biden Administration is doing 59-34%. By a narrow 42-39% margin, they approve of the job that their local elected officials are doing," Greenberg concluded.