Gwyneth Paltrow trial: the actress testifies that she believed the skiing accident started as a sexual assault against her

The Oscar winner claimed that it was optometrist Terry Sanderson who bumped into her and fell directly on her back.

This Friday, famed Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow took the stand to tell her side of the 2016 skiing accident for which she is on trial.

The artist claimed that it was Terry Sanderson, the 76-year-old optometrist who is suing her, who caused the collision, and said that her back was also damaged after the accident because the man slipped and fell directly on that part of her body.

"He struck me in the back, yes, that's exactly what happened" she said nodding to Sanderson's attorney Kristin A. VanOrman's reading of his statement.

Paltrow revealed that she even thought she was being sexually assaulted at the time of the accident because of the way she was hit. The actress said that two other skis " came between" hers which forced her to spread her legs apart and then she felt a body pressing against her until they both fell to the ground.

"I was confused at first, and I didn’t know exactly what was happening. It’s a very strange thing to be happening on a ski slope,.I froze, and I would say I got very upset a couple seconds later."" she said.

Paltrow also took the opportunity to clarify that she did not ski in a risky manner at the time of the accident and when asked if her children were the reason she avoided risky moves, she replied that she would not do them "with or without" her children.

It should be recalled that Terry Sanderson sued Paltrow and is seeking $300,000 in damages from the actress for allegedly causing her multiple injuries in the accident, including a brain injury, four rib fractures and other serious injuries.

However, the artist has filed a counterclaim for $1 plus her attorney's fees because she claims it was Sanderson who crashed into her back while she was enjoying a vacation with her family in Utah.