Greg Abbott announced that Texas broke total jobs record for 20 consecutive months

The governor affirmed that the state has also been the country's leader in job creation during the last 12 months.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott celebrated his state's continued outperformance of its job strength by breaking the record for the 20th consecutive month for total jobs and being the state that added the most jobs in the nation over the past 12 months.

Abbott explained via his official Twitter account that Texas has become the best state in the country for both job seekers and job creators. "Texas broke our own record for total jobs 20 months in a ROW! We also lead the nation for jobs added over the last 12 months. With a highly skilled, diverse workforce and unmatched business climate, Texas is the BEST state for job seekers and job creators alike," he shared.

Texas' new record job total stands at 13,918,700 after 51,000 new nonfarm jobs were created in May. The state also holds the record for the largest labor force in state history at 15,009,300.

According to the governor, Texas proves that jobs and people thrive where " free enterprise flourishes." "With the Texas labor force now surpassing 15 million people and larger than the population in 46 states, we truly are building an even stronger Texas of tomorrow," he said.

Better business climate

The state was also recently voted as having the"best business climate" in the country after attracting 1,000 projects in 2022, more than double what the next-ranked state attracted.

"With no state income tax, a reasonable regulatory environment, a growing, diverse, and highly skilled workforce, and economic development tools that help support investments, Texas continues to offer something for everyone to thrive. When businesses succeed, so do Texans—and our business climate ensures that Texas continues to offer world-class educational opportunities, good-paying careers to support families, and endless possibilities to prosper," he said.