Google announces 'several hundred' layoffs in its advertising department

According to Commercial Director Philipp Schindler, employees who lose their jobs can apply for others in different areas of the company.

Google announced "several hundred" layoffs in its advertising department Tuesday. As reported by Commercial Director Philipp Schindler, the company decided to eliminate jobs worldwide.

Other jobs will be "at risk" due to restructuring of the operations department of Google's sales team. However, Schindler assured, dismissed workers can apply for new employment in other areas of the company. However, he said in a statement accessed by Business Insider, this will not prevent many people from having to leave the company:

Sadly though, we will have to say goodbye to many highly talented and amazing sales colleagues. There’s no easy or best way to do this, but I’ve asked designated leaders to communicate personally with impacted folks in 1:1s. While I’m confident we’re doing the right thing for our customers, partners, and ultimately for our business, this will be very hard for many, especially across our LCS [Large Customer Sales] teams.

Second round of layoffs at Google

As the company informed The Hill, the decision was made to improve service to advertising customers, and it is not the first time it has been done. A Google spokesperson assured that the company restructures its advertising team on an annual basis:

Every year we go through a rigorous process to structure our team to provide the best service to our Ads customers. We map customers to the right specialist teams and sales channels to meet their service needs.

The decision comes just days after the tech giant announced a round of layoffs in its virtual assistant, augmented reality and core engineering departments. This news also coincides with the cuts announced by Amazon which saw streaming company Twitch let go of 500 employees.