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Hamas leader admits Palestinian civilians are pawns of the war: 'Necessary sacrifices'

Israeli authorities have warned that Yahya Sinwar is a threat to the world.

Fotografía de unos manifestantes con la bandera de Hamás que queman neumáticos durante una demostración cerca del puesto de control de Hawwara.

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Yahya Sinwar, the most prominent Hamas leader in Gaza, was not afraid to say that Palestinian civilians killed in the war were "necessary sacrifices," as reported by The Wall Street Journal. For Sinwar, the offensive that the terrorist group has applied against Israel since Oct. 7 has led them to have the Israeli authorities "right where we want them."

The comments are a compilation of messages that the Hamas leader sent to his leaders which were accessed by The Wall Street Journal. "In one message to Hamas leaders in Doha, Sinwar cited civilian losses in national-liberation conflicts in places such as Algeria, where hundreds of thousands of people died fighting for independence from France, saying, 'these are necessary sacrifices,'" WSJ explained.

He also reportedly sent a letter to Hamas political leader Ismail Haniyeh after three of Haniyeh's adult children were killed in an Israeli airstrike. In the letter, Sinwar wrote that the deaths of Haniyeh's children and those of other Palestinians would "infuse life into the veins of this nation, prompting it to rise to its glory and honor."

In that sense, WSJ recalled that "Sinwar isn’t the first Palestinian leader to embrace bloodshed as a means to pressure Israel. But the scale of the collateral damage in this war—civilians killed and destruction wrought—is unprecedented between Israelis and Palestinians."

The IDF has already warned that Sinwar is a declared enemy of the State of Israel and that "he is a threat to the entire world."

"We will tear down the border and tear their hearts from their bodies," Sinwar is quoted as saying in the translation of a video released by the IDF that includes statements in which he insistently calls for attacks on the citizens of Israel.

Sinwar is the highest-ranking Hamas official in Gaza. According to Israeli authorities, he is suspected of being responsible for the torture carried out by other members of the criminal organization. He is also known as "The Butcher of Khan Yunis."