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Borrell does not praise Israel for the heroic rescue of four hostages, but speaks of “another massacre of Gazans”

The High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union condemned in strong terms the "appalling" Palestinian reports on the victims of the Israeli operation.

El Alto Representante de la Unión Europea para Asuntos Exteriores y Política de Seguridad, Josep Borrell, llega para asistir a una reunión del Consejo de Asuntos Exteriores

(Francois Walschaerts / AFP)

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This Saturday, the High Representative for Foreign Policy of the European Union (EU), Josep Borrell, chose not to applaud the heroic rescue carried out by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) of several hostages captured by Hamas on October 7; Instead, he spoke of “another massacre of Gazans.”

In a message published on his social networks, Borrell avoided praising the operation that, in a joint effort with the Shin Bet and the Yamam national anti-terrorist unit of the border police, allowed the release of Noa Argamani (25), Almog Meir Jan (21), Andrey Kozlov (27) and Shlomi Ziv (40) from the hands of the terrorist group. Although he said he shared “the relief” of the families of the rescued people he also called for the release of the rest of the hostages held captive by Hamas, shortly afterward he shared a message condemning reports “about another massacre of civilians.”

“Reports from Gaza of another massacre of civilians are appalling. We condemn this in the strongest terms. The bloodbath must end immediately,” he said.

Casualties reported during the operation

According to Palestinian officials, more than 200 civilians lost their lives during the rescue operation. In contrast, IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari reported in a briefing with journalists that fewer than 100 Palestinian victims were known. Hagari added that it had not yet been confirmed how many of them were involved in terrorist activities.

Likewise, Hagari detailed that the operation took place in a residential neighborhood of Nuseirat, where Hamas was holding hostages in two different apartment blocks.

Criticism on social networks

Borrell’s statements have unleashed a wave of controversy on social networks. Numerous users have responded to his post by pointing out that, instead of holding Hamas responsible for holding hostages in residential areas, he criticizes Israel for rescuing its citizens.