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Trump Jr, Tucker Carlson and Javier Milei: Leaders and personalities meet in El Salvador to celebrate Bukele's inauguration

In his speech, the president highlighted the achievements in security during his first presidential term and announced that now his main objective will be to promote the country's economic development.

Nayib Bukele , reelegido presidente de El Salvador, se dirige a la multitud desde el balcón del Palacio Nacional después de prestar juramento para su segundo mandato como presidente

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This Saturday, Nayib Bukele officially assumed his second consecutive term as president of El Salvador. The inauguration ceremony, marked by broad popular support, was attended by prominent world leaders and conservative leaders such as Donald Trump Jr., Tucker Carlson and Javier Milei.

Bukele chose a black suit with gold details on the neck and sleeves for this historic occasion. He raised his hand to take the oath and received the presidential sash from Ernesto Castro, the president of Parliament.

The event took place with the presence of the king of Spain, Felipe VI, a delegation from the United States Department of Homeland Security, representing the government of Joe Biden, headed by Alejandro Mayorkas, as well as several presidents from Latin America, including Javier Milei from Argentina, Xiomara Castro from Honduras, Rodrigo Chaves from Costa Rica, Daniel Noboa from Ecuador and Santiago Peña from Paraguay.

Second term priorities

During his speech, Bukele highlighted the achievements of his first term and outlined priorities for the second. He highlighted that his initial focus on security had managed to turn El Salvador into the safest country in Latin America. Now, his main objective will be to promote the country's economic development.

"Now, that we have fixed the most urgent thing, which was security, we are going to focus fully on the important problems, starting with the economy," Bukele said.

“Salvadoran society is still sick, but it no longer has cancer. He has already been cured of the gangs, and now he has to cure himself of the bad economy. In this new treatment to heal the economy, perhaps we also have to take bitter medicine,” he said.

A landslide victory

The Salvadoran businessman won the February 4 elections with 85% of valid votes. A victory that consolidated his power and reaffirmed his popularity in the country. Bukele's campaign for re-election was marked by his firm fight against gangs and organized crime, policies that catapulted him to be the most popular president in Latin America in 2023.

On social media, Bukele celebrated his victory and highlighted that the majority of the National Assembly deputies are from his party, Nuevas Ideas, which ensures more fluid governance for this new presidential period.

Moments from the historic event

Nayib Bukele was accompanied by his wife and daughters during the inauguration.

Donald Trump Jr. expressed on his social media his satisfaction at attending Nayib Bukele's inauguration, praising him as a courageous leader who challenges globalists for the benefit of his country.

The moment Nayib Bukele privately receives Javier Milei.

Mexico's conservative leader, Eduardo Verástegui, attended the inauguration and personally congratulated Bukele.

Tucker Carlson and other international guests gather to celebrate Bukele's second term.