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Biden administration to consider reducing the sale of weapons to Israel to pressure Netanyahu

The government hopes to achieve a de-escalation of war in Gaza, according to several official sources in statements to NBC.

La Administración Biden aprueba la venta urgente de munición para tanques a Israel saltándose la revisión del Congreso

(Cordon Press)

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The Biden administration is considering progressively reducing its arms sales to Israel as part of a new strategy to force the hand of the Israeli government and calm the war in the Gaza Strip. This was announced exclusively Sunday by NBC, citing three members of the U.S. government and another former official.

According to these sources, this proposal was made at the direction of the White House, without any decision having been made yet. If passed, the U.S. would join other international bodies, such as the European Union, that called on Israel to cease its offensive against Hamas in Gaza.

Similarly, last week, Democratic senators signed an amendment to foreign military sales and aid that included a resolution supporting a two-state solution for Israel and Palestine. It was Hawaii Democratic Senator Brian Schatz who filed the resolution. The only Democratic Senators not to support the resolution were John Fetterman and Joe Manchin, along with the rest of the Republicans.

According to NBC, the White House did not get the results it expected in recent weeks in terms of a de-escalation of the Israel Defense Forces' offensive in Gaza. The White House also expects the reopening of humanitarian corridors that bring more aid to the interior of the Gaza Strip. While currently some of these corridors remain open, some others were closed at the end of the truce between Hamas and the Israeli government.

According to the four sources cited, the Biden administration considered reducing shipments of ammunition for Israeli air defense, although it ultimately ruled out this option.