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NYPD stops vehicle carrying a gun, two axes, several knives, a whip, a stun gun, a baton and more

Judd Sanson, 29, was arrested for unlawful possession of weapons.

Imagen de archivo de un vehículo de la Policía en Nueva York.

(Cordon Press)


A sergeant and three police officers from the 110th Precinct in New York were patrolling the streets of Queens on Wednesday night when they saw a vehicle whose license plate they could not read. They stopped the SUV, a black Ford Explorer. Inside they found, as Chief of Police Jeffrey B. Maddrey later listed:

They recovered one 9-millimeter Glock handgun. They recovered nine loaded magazines. They recovered a heavy body armor. They recovered handcuffs, NYPD uniform items, two axes, a stun gun, multiple knives, a weighted whip and an expandable baton.

Maddrey said at a news conference that although his officers are accustomed to arresting people for carrying weapons, the arsenal in this case was so "significant" that he believed it was necessary to inform the community and the press.

A 29-year-old man named Judd Sanson was arrested and charged with illegal possession of weapons. Sources assure that the investigation remains open.