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At least one dead, dozens injured as storm passes through central Gulf Coast

Thousands of residents in South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama have reported power supply problems due to the storm.

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(YouTube: FOX 4 Dallas-Fort Worth)

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The passage of a storm in the central Gulf Coast left at least one dead and dozens injured this Wednesday. Specifically, as reported by the governor of Missississippi Tate Reeves, one person died in Scott County; although the cause of death has not yet been disclosed. In addition, he also reported that in Grenada County another person was injured along with the destruction of several homes throughout the state:

The destruction of those homes was caused by the flash flooding that reached New Orleans as a result of the storm. In addition, in the neighboring state of Louisiana, another ten people were injured in the wake of the storm, the Slidell Police Department reported at a press conference:

Tornadoes in Louisiana as a result of the storm

The storm was also accompanied by tornadoes. The city of Slidell itself recorded this weather phenomenon during the storm. Another place where another tornado could be seen was in Lake Charles, Louisiana. The bad weather damaged several houses but, fortunately, did not injure any residents:

Along with this, thousands of residents in South Carolina, Louisiana, Texas, Mississippi and Alabama reported problems with their power supply due to the storm. According to Poweroutage.us, in these five states it was reported that, past 3 a.m. ET, a total of 189,640 homes were without power.

The storm will continue until Thursday. On that day, reports the National Weather Service, there could still be flash flooding and "widespread damaging winds" that will reach up to 80 mph in the Southeast and could bring multiple tornadoes and hail.