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UFC champion Jon Jones defends himself against accusations of assault and intimidation: ‘Nothing threatening at all’

The fighter was arrested Saturday as part of a lawsuit filed by a drug testing worker.

El luchador estadounidense de artes marciales mixtas Jon Jones se sube a una báscula durante el pesaje previo a su combate por el título de peso pesado UFC 285 contra el luchador francés de artes marciales mixtas Ciryl Gane en el MGM Garden Arena, en Las Vegas, Nevada, el 3 de marzo de 2023.


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Legendary UFC fighter Jon Jones was arrested Saturday as part of a lawsuit alleging assault and death threats, according to NBC.

The incident reportedly occurred on March 30 at Jones' residence in Albuquerque, N.M., according to a police report, per The Daily Mail. Two employees of the anti-doping body Drug Free Sport International, one of them the plaintiff, Crystal Martinez, were there to perform a drug test contracted by the Ultimate Fighting Championship.

Martinez claims that the fighter took her phone, which he used to record a video, and that he threatened to sue both her and her colleague. "Why you f****** people come so early?" he reportedly said to the two agents who were at his house at 4 a.m. and then added:

Do you know what happens to people who come to my house? They end up dead.

The plaintiff felt "terrified," as she told the police. She wanted to leave the house as soon as possible, but she was afraid that Jones would hit her, because UFC fighters can be punished for not submitting to drug tests.

‘Nothing threatening at all’

Jones defended himself Saturday by posting a video showing him high-fiving the plaintiff and her co-worker after the drug test. The athlete assures that although he felt "frustrated with the unprofessionalism" and had used "profanity out of frustration", everything had "ended friendly and amicably. … Nothing threatening at all."

"I must say, this particular tester behaved quite unprofessionally and even breached standard protocol along with HIPAA laws," Jones added. "Throughout my 20 years of being subjected to drug tests, I have never encountered such an incident."