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Immigrants who attacked a police officer in New York get free tickets to California

The authorities claim that they cannot detain them because the prosecutor's office did not request bail.

Captura de pantalla de ataque a dos oficiales en Nueva York.

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Four of the immigrants accused of attacking two New York police officers are on their way to California. The attack, captured on video, and the six illegal immigrants’ subsequent release without bail generated controversy and criticism of the New York prosecutor's office. Yohenry Brito, 24, is the only one who is still detained.

At least four of them obtained travel vouchers from a religious charity after exchanging their immigration numbers with other people from their shelter, an official source informed Fox News. A woman in the church recognized them. The vouchers they received are part of a program of the New York Office of Emergency Management, so taxpayers could have unknowingly financed their tickets to California.

Other police sources told CNN that the immigrants might be heading to the border city of Calexico, with the intention of crossing the border back into Mexico. They claimed that they had no "legal authority to chase them or attempt to stop them" because the Manhattan district attorney did not request bail. "We have to assume they intend to return to court, which, given the circumstances around their departure, seems unlikely."

The event once again put Democratic immigration policies in the spot light and in the middle of an election year. Although they condemned the attack, both Mayor Eric Adams and President Joe Biden avoided commenting on the migrants' flight to California. Attorney General Alvin Bragg avoided the question. Governor Kathy Hochul suggested deporting them.

Another person who spoke out is Thomas Kenniff, Daniel Penny's lawyer. The former Marine convicted of Jordan Neely's death was granted $100,000 bail in May. The lawyer argued that the attackers' lack of financial resources was not a sufficient reason to let them go without bail and that their attack on two law enforcement officers had shown that they had no respect for the law. "The primary purpose of bail is to ensure that people return to court," he said in conversation with Fox. "If there was ever a situation where bail is appropriate, this seems that sort of case."