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Without filter: Elon Musk shows the border crisis live

The owner of X (Twitter) spoke to border authorities and highlighted of the lack of control at the border with Mexico.

Elon Musk en la frontera sur.

(Cordon Press / X @elonmusk)

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The owner of X (formerly Twitter), Elon Musk, traveled to the southern border to show "the border situation in real-time." In two videos, Musk spoke with authorities responsible for the border whose voices, according to themselves, are not being heard.

"This is live, this is the real feed," Elon remarked in the first video from Eagle Pass, Texas. He also said he was "extremely pro-immigrant," but as long as entry into the country was through legal means. He also assured that the flow of immigrants is such that "if we don't do something soon we are just gonna have a collapse in social services as we are already seeing in New York."