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Prosecutors agree to delay Trump's Stormy Daniels sentencing by at least two weeks

Judge Merchan will be able to assess whether the latest Supreme Court ruling affects the fraud and irregularities trial in New York.

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Donald Trump's sentencing in the Stormy Daniels case in New York could be delayed at least two weeks. The defense submitted the request so Judge Merchan will be able to assess whether or not the recent Supreme Court (SCOTUS) ruling in favor of Trump and his presidential immunity in the January 6 case will affect the New York case.

The Manhattan U.S. Attorney's Office wrote in a letter to the court Tuesday advising that it "does not object" to delaying Trump's sentencing for his felony business records convictions. Judge Merchan will also have time to rule on Trump's appeal regarding the prosecution's misuse of evidence and witnesses.

The sentence from the New York case is, so far, former President Trump’s only one. He was impeached twice and accused in other cases that have either been dismissed or delayed for various reasons four times.  For this reason, the delay is surprising, since the ruling was going to be a milestone in Trump's court battles.

The Supreme Court ruling plays heavily in Trump's favor in New York as well. Although the Manhattan case does not focus on Trump's time as president, his lawyers argued Monday that the prosecution built its case on evidence that pertains to Donald Trump's time in the White House. According to Monday's SCOTUS ruling, prosecutors cannot accuse a president of any official acts, nor can they cite evidence involving official acts to bolster other accusations.

This is why the delay in Merchan’s sentencing is relevant. The SCOTUS justices’ ruling could result in Trump’s New York sentencing being thrown out.