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Trump has already chosen his vice president: A toss-up between Doug Burgum, JD Vance and Marco Rubio

The former president has not officially asked his chosen running mate yet, according to reports

El ex presidente y candidato presidencial republicano Donald Trump llega para pronunciar el discurso de apertura en la Conferencia Camino a la Mayoría 2024 de la Coalición Fe y Libertad en Washington, DC, el 22 de junio de 2024

(Chris Kleponis / AFP)

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Former President Donald Trump revealed that he has already chosen his running mate for the next presidential election. According to sources, top finalists include North Dakota Governor Doug Burgum and of Ohio.

Jake Traylor, a journalist for NBC News, revealed on social media that Trump has already selected his vice president but has not officially told that person yet. This announcement comes after speculation that Burgum and Vance are the main contenders to take a spot next to Trump on the ballot, although a third candidate was also mentioned: Senator Marco Rubio of Florida.

In recent weeks, the names of Doug Burgum, JD Vance and Marco Rubio have dominated conversations about who Donald Trump's running mate will be in the upcoming presidential election. However, with the Republican convention less than a month away, the intensity of each candidate's strategies has increased significantly. From public auditions to discreet behind-the-scenes moves, every step is carefully analyzed by observers and political analysts who eagerly await Trump's final decision.

While other prospects such as Senator Tim Scott of South Carolina and Representative Elise Stefanik of New York have been considered, they appear to be taking a backseat to Burgum, Vance and, to a lesser extent, Rubio.

Trump has publicly indicated that he hopes to announce his pick close to or during the Republican National Convention beginning July 15 in Milwaukee. However, the exact timing of the announcement remains a matter of debate in political circles.

According to NBC News reports, more than a dozen sources connected to the decision-making process have been intensely debating the strengths and weaknesses of each candidate, a process that has resulted in Burgum and Vance as the finalists.

"As President Trump himself has said, the primary criterion for selecting a vice president is a strong leader who will be a great president for eight years after his next four-year term concludes," previously noted Brian Hughes, the senior adviser to the Trump campaign.