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Trump back in DC: 'We have a leader that's being laughed at all over the world'

The former president met with Republican members of Congress to talk about the main challenges the party would face if he wins the election.

Former US President and 2024 presidential hopeful Donald Trump arrives to speak during the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC)

Donald Trump (Mandel Ngan / AFP)

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Former President Donald Trump is back in Washington, D.C. The Republican met with members of Congress and some of the most important businessmen in the country. Republicans have said that this is an effort to unify the party and to plan, from now on, joint measures between a possible Trump administration and the House and Senate.

After his meetings with members of Congress, Trump gave a press conference in which he mentioned the main issues that concern Americans and assured that the party will work together to solve the problems in the economy, immigration and crime. He also emphasized that the leadership of the United States at the international level must also be recovered.

The Republican assured that the country is headed in the wrong direction: "We're a nation that's in decline. We're a declining nation. We're a nation that is being laughed at all over the world. We have a leader that's being laughed at all over the world."

Trump also spoke about security problems: “There’s tremendous unity in the Republican Party. We want to see borders. We want to see a strong military. We want to see money not wasted all over the world. We don’t want to see Russian ships right off the coast of Florida.”

Another issue that the former president addressed was the investigations against him and what he has repeatedly classified as "political persecution." Trump highlighted that after the verdict of a Manhattan jury that found him guilty in the case of payments to porn actress Stormy Daniels, his campaign has received record levels of donations and that his popularity, even among groups that historically voted Democratic, continues to increase.

Meanwhile, House Majority Leader Steve Scalise assured that Trump spoke with his fellow Republicans at length about the economy and how his eventual administration could work jointly with Congress to reduce inflation and in general return to the figures that the economy recorded during his first term.

House Speaker Mike Johnson assured after his meeting with former President Trump that the November elections are going to be the most important in decades and that Americans realize that. He said President Biden has created a crisis in every area of public policy and that Republicans are united in working on solutions.

Johnson also highlighted that the meeting with the former president left his party colleagues with a feeling of optimism and excitement about making big changes in the country. The speaker said that a victory should not be taken as guaranteed but that the results of the polls make them optimistic about what may happen in November.